Who runs Healthy Bullets?

Hey there! My name is Amr Eldeib and I pretty much run the show over here at Healthybullets.

My qualifications and education: I was graduated from the faculty of medicine Ain Shams University (Cairo, Egypt) in 2009 and then got my Master’s degree in Orthopaedics and became an Orthopaedic specialist in 2016. In January 2019, I became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in England and got a full registration to practice from GMC (General Medical Council) in the UK. Start working as an Orthopaedic registrar since then.

My health journey really began when I was in high school around 2002:

Since my focus in high school was to study, I gained weight and reached 125 Kg (height = 188 cm). At this point, I decided to lose all the weight I gained.

I tried various things from reducing food quantities to implementing home-based workouts to avoid wasting study time, I was even studying while riding a stationary bike at home. I reached 93 kg after 1 year (at this stage I didn’t know that measuring fat% is also important).

At this stage, I for sure was feeling better but not satisfied, so I decided to read more.

After I read many books and through experience. I found that fat % is more important than how much you weigh.

So, At this stage, I focused all efforts to work out and do more adjustments to what I eat. Till I reached 12% fat.

I have learned a lot during this stage and it was not a straight forward stage. there was a learning curve.

The problem was that most of the books I read and the videos I watched at this were focusing on gym work out and calorie adjustment diet.

These books were treating our human body as a math equation (1+1=2).

And despite the fact I am a doctor I was following their advice and I get visual results (I reached 12% fat).

And found that I should treat my body as biology.

What I realised?

After I started my professional career as a doctor, these methods are not sustainable.

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