Hello, My friends

First who I am?

I am Amr Eldeib, Orthopaedic Surgeon, was born in 1987 (Cairo, Egypt). Married and have two children. (I am busy most of the time).

Why I started this blog?

After all ups and downs during my health and fitness journey, I felt that I need a place that I can return to during my weak times during my health journey.

  • A place that I can gather all the information I have learned during all these years.
  • Not just information, but also to document what works and whatnot.
  • What is more important to achieve my health goals.
  • A place where I can share all this information so as many busy people as I am can achieve their health goals.
  • A place that encourages me as well as many busy people like me to keep going.

The problem:

I problem that I have faced during the past years is that I am busy between work and family and I don’t have time to take care of my health.

And even when I have time, I feel that I need to do nothing.

The question:

Should being healthy be so hard to achieve, or there are some hacks that you can do.

What I found?

I found that there are no hacks when it comes to health and fitness.

But, there are more important and less important things.

For example, do you know the gym is the least important to your health and the most time-consuming way to be healthy.

On the other side, tweaking your sleeping habits can have a major impact on your health. And is not time-consuming as we all sleep every day. All we need to do is getting better sleep.

Another thing, you know that when you eat is more important than what you eat.

So, eating clean can just start with the simplest way of intermittent fasting (16/8). and this will have a major impact on your health.

My Dream:

I believe that we all deserve a healthier life.

I believe that a healthier life can be achieved without spending hours in the gym or hours in preparing meals in advance.

I believe that our families deserve the time we spend in the GYM.

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